Recommended Reading

These are some of the books that have shaped my personal and professional journey. I also subscribe to National Catholic Reporter, America, Commonweal, and U.S. Catholic.

African, Christian, Feminist by Teresia Mbari Hinga

Body, Sex, and Pleasure by Christine E. Gudorf

The Church We Want, ed. by Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator

Doors to the Sacred by Joseph Martos

Enfleshing Freedom by M. Shawn Copeland

Hope for Common Ground by Julie Hanlon Rubio

Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory by Patricia Hill Collins

Just Love by Margaret Farley

Law’s Virtues by Cathleen Kaveny

The Making of Moral Theology by John Mahoney

Moral Wisdom by James Keenan

Pregnancy and Power by Rickie Solinger

Pursuing Intersectionality, Unsettling Dominant Imaginaries by Vivian M. May

Racial Justice and the Catholic Church by Bryan Massingale

Reason Informed by Faith: Foundations of Catholic Morality by Richard M. Gula, S.S.

Reproductive Justice by Loretta Ross and Rickie Solinger

The Sexual Person by Todd Salzman and Michael Lawler

She Who Is by Elizabeth Johnson

Stand Your Ground by Kelly Brown Douglas

Stirring Waters by Diann Neu

Tragic Dilemmas in Christian Ethics by Kate Jackson-Meyer

Trauma and Grace by Serene Jones